What are the advantages of Rubber Mulch Products?

There are countless reasons why rubber mulch products are superior to traditional wood mulches for playground and landscaping projects. The Rubber Mulch Company’s products are eco-friendly and composed of recycled tires. Additionally, you are investing in lasting durability with a multitude of benefits which wood mulches can’t offer such as:

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Rubber mulch is a unique playground surface, as it provides shock absorbency that reduces the incidence of playground injuries. It offers more shock absorbency than wood mulch, gravel, or sand. Because rubber mulch requires little maintenance, dries quickly after rain, and will not decompose, it’s the perfect cost effective option for play areas and playgrounds.

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Rubber mulch is the most cost-effective choice because it does not decompose, fade, or blow away. With a life of over 10 years, you don’t have to replace it often like wood mulch which is an investment that any budget will benefit from.

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The Rubber Mulch Company’s products are perfect for all weather conditions. Since it doesn’t freeze, it is always ready for play no matter what the weather – all year long.

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The Rubber Mulch Company’s products come in several colors to match any playground or landscaping project.

recycled rubber mulch


Rubber mulch is made from recycled tires. It is an environmentally friendly choice for protecting your environment while ensuring the safety of your children.

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Unlike natural wood mulch, rubber mulch never attracts or harbors insects. Our rubber mulch also inhibits the growth of mold and fungi which helps reduce allergies.

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Rubber mulch is heavier than wood mulch, so it will not float away in storms or blow away in strong winds. It’s also nonporous, rain-resistant, and ready for play.

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Rubber mulch is fun! Kids love jumping, running, and playing in the springy material.

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It has the look of organic matter but will not attract weeds or spores. It comes in colors that complement plants and flowers and protects the soil from hot and cold temperatures.

Imagine a once discarded tire getting a second life, beautifying homes, enhancing the look of businesses and parks, and creating safe playing environments for children. Some see a drab, old tire and call it trash. We see a viable product waiting to be transformed into a useful, attractive, and safe product. At The Rubber Mulch Company we are very proud to provide an outstanding mulch product while supporting the reduction of waste.


It’s not just about recycling and reusing. The Rubber Mulch Company is proud to offer a product that is really a superior replacement to an outdated product. We know the hassle of raking up old wood mulch and laying new wood mulch, only to repeat the process all over again in a few months. The Rubber Mulch Company products save you from that hassle. It won’t fade, rot, compact, or attract insects like wood bark, while maintaining its original beauty for years with little maintenance. We believe that consumers are ready for a change and the response has been overwhelming as our customers rave over our rubber mulch product for its beauty, longevity and unequaled safety.

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The Rubber Mulch Company makes it easy to contact us with questions you may have about our rubber mulch products. Our staff would like to help you plan your playground, landscape, or other low-maintenance mulch projects.